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Introducing Programming @SHS

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Our organization help those people who have no hope and feel rejected by the society

Children to get better education          

Computer knowledge will benefits children in all their field of study not only in ICT subjects

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Train the Trainee                                     

Quality education means quality teachers providing students with quality information

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Everyone Deserve Computer Knowledge

Everybody is our target, we all need computer knowledge in this era of technology, start now.

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We get our support and strenght from people like you, your support will put a smile on someone's face tomorrow , it will promote quality and eqaul education in Ghana, computer knowledge will promote teaching and learning in all field of study.


You can donate to support our projects, it can be any technological tools or in a form of cash, your donation will be published on our website at Donators Page

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Without your support as an IT guru we can not go far, you can support our mission to make it reality.

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We need more people to volunteer towards our projects, Join our team and let us build a better Africa through better computer knowledge

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