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Students who recently completed their Basic Education at Nuanua No.2 D/A Basic School in the Assin South District of the Central region of Ghana, on Friday 21st June, 2019 donated a laptop computer to their School as their widows-mite-contribution towards improving the teaching and learning of ICT not only as a theoretical subject, but also as a practical subject in the Basic Schools.

According to Agartha Koufie Esilfuwa; a Student who made the presentation before and on behave of her colleagues, indicated that; they really had a hard time trying to learn ICT due to the unavailability of computers in the school and as such, their ICT teacher will have to teach them the practical aspects of the subject from his personal Laptop which at most times, they all don't have the most benefit they would have got due to their large number.

She further went on to elaborate how her batch of students came to understand the importance of ICT and they believe, having a solid background in the practical aspects of the subject can help them utilize and apply its knowledge to better their understanding in other subjects. She stated how they wish they could do more than that by getting for the school a projector whereby the teacher could project unto a wider screen for the class whatever he is teaching and in this, students could derive better understanding of the subject.

The Headteacher of the School in the person of Mr. Peter Kwamladza couldn't hide his joy but expressed his profound gratitude to this students and applauded them for taking such initiative to solve one of the problems in the school and also setting the pace for other batches of students who will be completing in subsequent years. He indicated how the teaching and learning of ICT in their school will be much easier with the availability of this computer as compared to the times before their donation.

Mr. Gideon Owusu (the ICT teacher of of the school) equally expressed his joy for the students been able to leave this legacy.

According to him, as at last year, an NGO ( Gracecoms Foundation) took the initiative of repairing 3 broken-down laptops which belongs to the school but those machines sometimes do not offer them the full functionality they could get but with this current computer the students have acquired, he trusts it will go a long way to be of benefit to the entire school (including the Primary department of the school)

According to him, Nuanua No.2 D/A Basic School, is with the largest population in and around its neighboring communities and as such if the school can have an ICT Learning Center / ICT Lab, it could serve the other neighboring schools who could take turns to come and have their practical computer lessons.

Considering the growing rate and demand on Technology, he is appealing to Individuals, Stakeholders, NGOs and the Government to come to the aid their school and schools with similar situations, to enable the students acquire more practical computer knowledge so that by the time students will complete their Basic Education, they could gain more practical computer knowledge which could help shape their understanding in other subjects as well as delivering this knowledge to the benefit of their society as a whole.

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