About us

About Us


Positively and holistically transforming lives of the current and the upcoming generation through practical computer knowledge and increase automation of our daily activities to increase productivity in Ghana.


We aim to mobilize and distribute resources across Ghanaian communities to improve computer education at the early childhood and primary school levels, increase the use of automated systems to increase productivity in all areas through practical computer knowledge.
- Reaching Out: Create fresh, inventive solutions to bring equal and quality computer education in Ghana
- Touching lives: Impact positive change in children's in remote areas.
- Going digital: Moving from traditional way of solving daily problems to modern approach using automated systems.

Our Goals

- To build minds by improving computer literacy in Ghana.
- To provide equal practical computer knowledge for all schools across Ghana.
- To build bridges by increasing access for our Special Needs community to participate in national development and improve their quality of life
- To build communities by fostering a spirit of self-reliance through sustainable enterprise within Ghanaian communities
- To help automate the daily activities of companies, enterprises, schools, individual etc.

Core Values

Being a non-governmental organization committed to our course, we uphold:
- Integrity
- Excellency
- Creativity
- Consitency
- Educative
- Tranformation
- Visionary
- Accountability